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Art & Design Curriculum Pathways & Learning Journey (Click Images to open files)

KS4 Art & Design Qualifications

AQA GCSE Art and Design: 3D Design.

Students will study 3D Design based on a two-year art based course that allows students to be creative and expressive with their ideas and designs in both a 2D and 3D form. Projects are tailored to student’s own ideas and interests enabling the students to challenge themselves in achieving their creative outcomes. Students will be supported in understanding the fundamental processes of design through research, design development and final outcomes. Students are encouraged through experimentation with materials such as clay, wood, plaster, wire, and paper. All techniques and skills are taught through practical demonstration and individualised approach enabling the students to feel confident with their ideas.

 All students will keep an A3 portfolio, which will document their studies over the two years and will produce final outcomes of work that express their own individual ideas.


Component 1: 60% - Personal Portfolio – (Internally Set)

Component 2: 40% - Externally set Assessment