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Performing Arts Curriculum

Performing Arts Curriculum Pathways & Learning Journey (Click Images to open files)

KS4 Performing Arts Curriculum

AQA Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performing Arts

Students will study content from 3 different units which are designed to cover a wide range of performing arts experiences. Over the 2 year course students will be able to select and study a number of options within units allowing them to “specialise” in a particular discipline within the performing arts (for instance, costume and prop design and selection, set design and building or acting or musical performance).

Unit choices are tailored to the student’s own ideas and interests enabling the them to challenge themselves in achieving their creative outcomes.

Students will be supported in understanding a range of creative processes that they may wish to engage in and will be encouraged, through experimentation and exploration, to discover the best techniques to use in order for them to achieve their objectives.

The course is highly practical and involves detailed record keeping as well as video and photographic evidence capture.

Unit 1: Unlocking Creativity – 30% of Technical Award (Internally Assessed)

Unit 2: The Production or Performance – 30% of Technical Award (Internally Assessed)

Unit 3: The Performing Arts Experience – 40% of Technical Award (Externally Assessed 1.5 hour written exam)